VeinMed, LLC and Bill Greene acted as an outsourced director of marketing for two years and then for an additional year as in house director of marketing for a high volume vein practice in Texas. This practice currently operates four clinics in three geographic areas and anticipates a national growth pattern over the next few years. When VeinMed began working with this client, it had only one clinic in a town with a population of 385,000. They expanded into their second location in 2009, into an area with a population of 500,000.


Increase patient population and practice revenues through the development of an effective new patient acquisition program; targeting our primary demographic of 80% females and 20% males in the age group
of 40 – 79. (28% of this population suffers from treatable venous insufficiency).

  1. Develop and manage an effective physician referral program to support our marketing and advertising programs; educate referring physicians about the condition and treatment of venous insufficiency.
  2. Create additional revenue through the acquisition of new patients to support expansion of the practice from two clinic locations to four; opening two new clinics in the Dallas Metroplex.


VeinMed utilized our proven marketing plan that incorporates patient referrals, physician referrals, direct-to-patient advertising, inbound marketing and point-of-wait marketing to achieve this high level of success. We utilized patient outreach events to bring patients into the clinic setting.

In addition, we focused on more acute patients by utilizing advertising that encouraged recognition of the serious nature of their condition. Patients with active venous stasis ulcers (CEAP Class 6) often go untreated; however we discovered that these patients are among the most gratifying to treat, and usually resulted in multiple procedures for the clinic. As a result of this marketing emphasis, these clinics currently average more than three procedures per patient.


Within the first year, VeinMed’s efforts achieved a return of $20 for each dollar invested in patient acquisition marketing and advertising. Additionally, in the Dallas Metroplex expansion clinics we achieved a 5 to 1 ROI within the first 90 days and brought an average of 40 new patients into the clinics each week. The flagship clinic, benefiting from our marketing plan, currently averages approximately 240 vein procedures per month.