How social media can help your practice grow

Do you have a social media strategy for your Practice yet? If not you could be missing out on game-changing results. Social media is growing bigger every day and it is really not just a “trend” anymore. It is becoming a business requirement in the world of digital marketing and engaging with target audiences on the web. In addition it is a great way to keep your database of current patients engaged in your practice, especially when paired with a regular email patient newsletter.

The broad category of inbound marketing incorporates a variety of different channels and tactics including content creation, search engine optimization, social media, lead generation, lead management, and analytics. Here are 4 highly efective takeaways based on a survey of 1000 professionals familiar with their business marketing strategy:

  1. Inbound marketing-dominated medical practices experience an acquisition cost per patient 61% lower than outbound marketing-dominated practices.
  2. The difference between inbound and outbound marketing expenditures grew by 50% from 2015-2019.
  3. 62% of highly successful practices said that social media had become more important as a source of leads in the past 12 months.
  4. Successful practices are increasingly aware their blog is highly valuable. 81% rated their blog as “useful”, “important” or “critical”. An impressive 25% rated their blog as critical to their business.

Creating an effective inbound marketing program doesn't have to be complicated and isn't necessarily expensive. Also keep in mind that you can expect a significant return on your investment in the form of new patients, and perhaps a more profitable payor mix.