MD Growth Strategies

Since 2007 MD Growth (MDG) has worked with medical practices and medically related businesses providing enterprise value & growth strategy, branding and marketing support. We have worked with 30 medical practices in 12 states, and launched a total of 12 start-up clinics in 6 states.

Recent activities have included development of benchmarking programs utilizing key performance indicators, allowing us to produce a monthly report which shows practice owners how their practice performance compares with national averages for performance and profitability.

MDG’s client growth philosophy showcases our experience in healthcare business development, clinic administration and clinical procedures; utilizing a comprehensive, uniquely successful enterprise growth plan that could be designed for any practice. As president and managing partner, Bill advises his associates on business direction and business development activities, and actively manages client projects.

Business Development

The challenges and time constraints of day-to-day operations within a medical practice can often make it difficult to set aside time to focus on practice building. MD Growth Strategies, the practice growth experts, can provide you with a proven strategic partnership that makes it possible to manage and grow your practice efficiently. We are trusted advisors to physicians and medical practices, providing assistance with:

• New Practice Start-up planning and activities
• Business Development and Enterprise Growth Strategy
• Practice valuation strategies
• Branding & Marketing
• Exit Strategy Planning

Whatever your practice goals are, we are uniquely equipped to help you plan and execute a strategy to achieve those goals in a timely fashion.

Business Growth

​Executing proven strategies to increase practice revenue, pursue plans for expansion and establish a continuous fiscal maturation. We can help you achieve practice growth at a fraction of the expense you would expect from other traditional marketing firms or advertising agencies.​

These are some the tools and activities we use to help you develop your practice, generate additional revenue and position you for strategic growth in a way that meets your practice goals. These activities will also increase your visibility to the community, new patients and current patients. Together we will decide which of these are appropriate for your specific situation.​

​ Strategic Planning/Exit Strategy

The activities in your personalized development plan can all work together to create a higher valuation for your medical practice by incorporating these elements that are necessary to make the practice an attractive business opportunity to potential buyers/partners. Your years of hard work should have a high value in the marketplace, and your dedication to your patients and their families should be honored. We can help you create a legacy in which others will follow to continue your work and service to your patients.

Exit Representation & Coaching

If your ultimate goal is to enhance your practice valuation and create a profitable exit strategy we are positioned to help you navigate the complex process of representing you to potential partners, buyers or investors. When that time comes we would be honored to represent you and/or coach you to a successful conclusion of this phase of your career and life journey.

Next Steps

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